New FOREX-Report

I just worked on a new style of Trading. And now it is done! I would love to share with you my interesting thoughts about the market and hope you will find it helpful either.

During Newyear I was facing a fatal error in my automated Forex-Algorith. It was based on Martingale and went into a great series of losses to blow out my account.
It was my first Martingale-Blow-Out. Now i am done with this kind of approach to the market. I got a new style and it worked out way better than anything else – and is completely free of stress.

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1My new Approach to Trading

I got some new ideas and when the market wiped out my portfolio i wanted to give my trading a more secure approach. I found out that weekly timeframes are more reliable than all the other timeframes so i got a new idea: The TuesDayTrader!
Whenever you look at the markets: Monday has always been and always will be a chaotic day for trading. I wanted to be part of big moves – and these moves usually happen within the week according to the trend.
I looked at the Mondays – and they usually form a range. When the price breaks out of that range the breakout often keeps moving till the end of the week and beyond. This is where the money is made.
I filled up my account with fresh money and started the TuesDayTrader. I tested it before on 14 different FOREX markets and they performed great. I doubled my account within 2 weeks and nearly tripled before a short correction got my account to the doubled value. Nice performance and no big risks due to diversification. Each week will end up with losers and winners – but the winners are generally bigger than the losers.