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Regarding fastfood: Our reporter can’t resist a burger once in a while as well. That is becoming to obvious so he’s started a strict self-experiment. His mission: 10 weeks for a sixpack with an online-fitness-program Did he loose the lard? You might be surprised! Loosing the fat! That’s the new motto for Jan now. His goal: a sixpack! The cameraman just told me: That thing wasn’t cheap! Thanks for the compliment but he’s right, it’s not very nice. But i have hope. The internet’s full of fitness-programms that promise a sixpack in 10 days. But honestly: will that work with this one here? We’ll have to try Jan is lookin for the right programm. So much to choose from and the promises are all the same. Sexy, tough, topfit. And everything in a short amount of time. Only 10 weeks to topfitness. Your personal coach. The 10 week programm. Before – After But he didn’t look bad in the beginning as well. That’s a different base to start on. That’d be awesome! The programm is supposed to work well in everyday life. Does Jan realize what he got himself into? I’ve decided that „I make you sexy“ has convinced me.

The 10 week programm and a free sixpack-training. What is a bit weird is that i only have to work out 2 times a week for 20 minutes. Jan’s sceptic: is that really enough? Next to the workouts there’s also a nutrition-guide. The online pass costs for 10 weeks 89 Euros. Everything is explained in videos. „A scale, if you don’t own one yet, you’ll buy one!“ I have to take a picture in underwear. To be honest, he is being sooo serious. I can’t take it so serious right now if find it kind of funny. I have to measure „it“! Jan’s still laughing but there’s no going back now. 10 weeks till sixpack! I have to start. Measuring begins. That’s the uncomfortable part. Our reporter is brave. He literally drops his pants. Showing the naked truth. If he does something, then right! Jan has to measure his body.

The size of his belly, but and thighs. From behind the camera and at home this must seem sooo easy. In front of the camera, this isn’t really much fun. Jan has to go through it. His measurements: His belly is in a critical area. Now it’s time for the scariest part. I don’t remember the last time i was on a scale. Jan is 1.78m tall. His ideal weight would be 72kgs. I was so scared for it to be 100 kgs. It’s not pretty, but at least not 100. We have the measurements now. But what about Jan’s current state of fitness? Theoretically my workoutplan starts in 2 weeks, the first 2 weeks are only nutrition. But i want to be able to compare my fitness-level. We assigned Jan 3 workouts. Beginning with sit-up’s. Okey, i’m out.That were 40. Next, pushups. How are the arm-muscles doing. Then, Jan has to plank for as long as possible.

I think that wasn’t as bad… I have the feeling i don’t own any muscles… I’m starting at the bottom. Maybe not the bottom but quite low. The first 2 weeks everything’s about nutrition. Six day’s a week he has to follow the plan. It’s mainly focusing on protein. Jan goes shopping. Jalapeno. I’ve never bought that. Is that it? I like spicy, not too much though. The programm says they help you shift the pounds. The weightloss-boosters are supposed to increase the fat-burn. Like avocado or ginger. Sugars. Refined and from fruit are a no-go. Looks delicious. But I’m not allowed to eat them until i start the workoutplan. I feel like I’m not allowed to eat or drink about 80 percent of the supermarket. That’ll be fun 10 weeks. But are chips allowed? Once a week i have a load-day where i can eat what i want and as much as i want. Sounds great! Is Jan in some sort of chips-panic? Pasta or bread are not allowed. Carbs are only allowed as legumes.

What did Jan eat before? Sometimes i got up at night and I’m extremely hungry, especially if i didn’t eat much for dinner. And I’d make myself a sandwich with cheese and sweet-mustard. Everything I’m not allowed anymore. In addition to carbohydrates Jan’s isn’t allowed to eat or drink any dairy-products as well. This may look like a normal salad…but now i’ll throw all of this meat on top…

…kinda weird. At least he’s allowed to eat as much as he want’s from the healthy foods. First meal was okay, tastes good, delicious… I just don’t know weather it’ll stay this way. Jan documents the experiment over the next couple of weeks with a selfie-cam. I feel like every muscle in my stomach is sore. And i only made the test-workout yesterday. Week two has started. How is Jan doing? I have to admit: I thought it’d be worse. It’s not so bad. Everything’s delicious. I’d love to eath those fries. CARBS! amazing! Everybody says I’m irritable and nervous.

To be honest, i’m not in the greatest mood. In week 3 the video-workout-programm starts. A fitnesscoach will supervise Jan’s first training. So you took a look at it? What do you think? I think it’s not bad. Do you think it’s enough though? It’s only twice a week for 20 minutes. I think the program doesn’t want to overwhelm the costumer. So i think twice a week is enough. So let’s do this. First workout-week. The videos are all similar. First a warm-up to avoid injuries. Then, muscle-training and in the end stretching. You do sweat a bit. It’s not extremely exhausting but…’s exercise! The intensity of the exercises increases over the weeks.

Sven supervises Jans movements. If his posture is wrong, he’ll correct it. If you just watch a video like this you can easily cheat yourself. You reeeeally need to have discipline. Actually you need someone to help you. The exercises are good but for the details it’s not enough. And the video just can’t explain them good enough. The extra sixpack-coaching doesn’t come as a video. We’ll have a look at it and you could correct me. „BELLY GONE!“ Bicyle-crunch. Jan doesn’t have anyone to explain the exercises to him just pictures and text. Will he make it to a sixpack like this. Exhausting. This ist the first exercise where i feel it works the stomach. It’s something where i think this’ll get me to a sixpack.

The most effective exercises are also the hardest. There are 5 extra exercises for that sixpack-boost. What do you think are my chances: A sixpack in 10 (now 8) weeks? I think it’s not very realistic to get a sixpack in 10 weeks. Have controll. Belly, posture and tension. As soon as there’s pain….stop immedianately. Jan doesn’t let loose. He even want’s to do the program on vacation. This is terrible. I can’t eat the icecream, i have to record myself not eating it, even if i would.

But i dont! So my mood is pretty bad. You can pay the icecream yourself. Today’s my load-day. My stomach hurts. I allready had chips and I’m drinking a slushie. My stomach does not cope well. Half way through the experiment. Whad does the scale say? Crazy! First time below 90kgs. In the beginning i was sceptic about the food but it’s not so bad anymore. I’m enjoying it because of the results. If i also manage to get a sixpack! For that he’ll have to work. Jan does at least twice a week a workout.

Who thinks livingroom-workout are not hard. Is wrong! We visit Monica Bischof. The nutritionist takes a look at Jans eating- and workout-plan. She’s sceptic. It’s not very ideal. His posture isn’t very good. It’s also bad to stare at the screen the whole time, that ruins the posture. There’s just not enough room for an ideal training. She likes the nutrition plan better. The plan is a lifestyle-plan. Thought for young healthy people. Definetely not for oveweight people or people with risk-factors. But sure, if someone’s healthy they can totally do it. What does she think of the day of eating whatever he wants? The „load-day“ is more for the motivation. It’s very smart to weigh yourself the day before Cause if you just lost some weight you wont binge out as much. You can maybe lay that day on a weekend. For your social life it’s quite good but for weightloss it’s not necessary.

Jan is getting closer to the goal. Week 7 has begun. How is he doing? Good morning! it’s weighing-time. I haven’t lost anything. Thats pretty annoying to be honest. I don’t even know why. I didn’t cheat. I did nothing wrong. Jan is feeling down. But a plateau in weightloss isn’t unusual. In the final rounds he’s giving all he’s got. The big moment has come. 10 weeks are laying behind him. 10 hard weeks for the goal: a sixpack. How did it work out? Do we see a sixpack there? I have to admit. It’s not real. It’s just a T-shirt. But… i used to fill this jeans entirely. A huge success! How much exactly, we’ll have to see on the scale. Jan is measuring himself again on belly, chest and legs. Are we gonna see a rock hard stomach? As a reminder: This is how Jan’s stomach used to look 10 weeks ago.

So…not a sixpack but he has definately slimmed down a lot. The most important thing….the belly! Okey, to be honest it’s 101 cm. Before it was 114cm. Wow! I’ve lost a lot around the stomach! Jan’s stomach was critical. He had a hightened risk for diabetes. Now he got down to a much healthier shape. kg. I’ve lost another kilogram in the last week. What a great result! 12 kilograms are gone. That means he lost kg a week. We want to know how fit Jan has become. How much? Really? awesome! He could to 20 situps more and 35 seconds longer in plank-position.

For an actually visible sixpack he’d have to train 9-12 months 4 times a week according to the fitness coach. The highlight was wenn people came up to me and said that it looks good how much weight I’ve lost. That was definately a motivation. In the end i didn’t manage to get a sixpack but i’ve lost a lot of weight. That’s great for me! But to be honest…a sixpack doesn’t really suit me anyways..

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