Commitments of Traders Data

2Each of the COT indicators

has an input which allows you to include futures options open interest. But by default, only futures open interest is included. If I double-click on one of the COT indicators and I go to the inputs tab, here I can see there is an input that says futures only or futures and options. When the input is set to 1, it’s futures only. If you change the input to 2, the open interest includes futures options. So futures or futures and options open interest. The COT net position indicator plots the net long short open interest of each group. It is the difference between the long and short positions held by each group. A positive number shows how many more contracts are being held long by a particular group than short. Here you can see that the commercials are net short 51,000 contracts. And the other side of those positions are being held by the non-commercials and small speculators. The COT total position indicator plots the total long short open interest position of each group. This is the total number of contracts held. Total open interest for this market would be the summation of each groups, divided by 2.