Forex Week #20 2017

This week is going to be less chaotic than the last weeks. I expect certain movements in price this week. Wish you all the best.


French election: Macron –> Pro Euro


EMA200 > EMA50 > EMA100 à no clear trend

Candlestick-Pattern: Friday: Engulfing-Pattern

Seasonal: 57% down, 135 pips up, 144 pips down

Wait for price to break through 1.1000. The French election gave a fundamental positive outlook on the EUR, but EUR could not hold the price of more than 1.10 – if it can be regained, price is about to go even more up.
Attention: If price touches the upper trendline again an can not break through it, a  Shoulder-Head-Shoulder formation is also about to be formed which would mean a steep correction.


EUR has and index of 0 on all timeframes. So EUR could also weaken. If the SHS-Pattern will form out, our bias will turn to short.

USD has an index of 100 on 13 and 26 weeks. This would make the EURUSD to go down.