5 Kg Weight Loss in 1 Week with Turmeric Tea | Weight Loss Recipes of Turmeric Detox Tea | Hindi

Here is a weight loss tea that will help you reduce 5 kgs in 1 week only! In addition, it will also help you lose 3 to 4 inches if you have this tea regularly. You don’t need to do any rigorous exercise aur dieting to lose weight, if you take this tea. This is a fat cutter drink prepared with 100% natural ingredients. The secret ingredient of this tea is Turmeric also known as Haldi, so it’s called Turmeric Tea. Turmeric, used in almost every house daily, has numerous health benefits. It helps in cutting body fat and also aids digestion. Take good quality Turmeric. If you can manage to get raw turmeric, nothing like it. But if not, you can always use Turmeric powder. Let’s check out the recipe. You can always prepare Turmeric Tea by just adding Turmeric to water but if you really want to lose weight fast, then make it with all these ingredients.

1The ingredients

Take 1 Cup of water and let it boil. Once it starts boiling, add fresh Mint leaves. We have taken about 30 gms Mint leaves. Mint works great for digestion and also increases your appetite. It’s important to add Mint to this tea as this will give cool and calming effect to your tea and balance the heat that could be caused by turmeric. Mint also helps in weight loss and also helps get rid of headache and tiredness. Next we will add a small stick of Cinnamon. Cinnamon has flavour, is aromatic and is loaded with nutrition. It has natural sweetness and very few calories. Cinnamon has antifungal and antibacterial properties besides others that contribute towards good health. Next we will add a sppon of grated ginger. Try to use fresh grated ginger only. Ginger is also a medicinal herb which has been in use since ancient times to cure all kind of stomach disorders like gas, diarrhea etc. Even if you have muscle pain, ginger can effectively cure it. Next we will add a pinch of ground black pepper. The combined properties of Black pepper and Turmeric can cure even the biggest of health problems, Breast Cancer for instance.